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After Poland I spent the next two weeks traveling with my Dad through Berlin, Munich, Salzburg, Brussels, and Paris. Then he left and my mother arrived and we did the south of France for a week. How convenient that I traveled through the most expensive parts of Europe with my parents. It was a wonderful, relaxed time and this post will only be a few memories and pictures.

I remember being very surprised when we took a five hour walking tour in East Berlin and learned that there had been a German protest against the rising Nazi party attended by over 200,000 people in Berlin.

I remember being in Munich and thinking, “Wow, these people are really into Oktoberfest.”


I had watched so many WWII movies leading up to this trip that when I fell asleep on the train from Berlin to Munich and the ticket man came in and demanded my ticket I almost shit my pants. My whole life has been saturated with Nazi facts and movies so when I was drunk in the Oktoberfest tent and 10,000 people were singing along to Bob Marley’s “No woman no cry” I thought, “Oh, this is the power of music.”

Salzburg was beautiful.

On one of the tours my Dad met an Australian man who was a fellow Vietnam veteran. There weren’t many Australians there so it was quite a reunion. My favorite quote from the Australian man was how he talked about the guys he knew who came home from the war:

“You come home and you’re either an alcoholic or a workaholic.”


There was Brussels, there was Bruges, and there was Normandy.

And also some Paris.

My Dad and I had been moving countries every two or three days so when Mom showed up it was time to chill. We drank wine and then we drank more wine and I finally saw what all the fuss was about with the south of France.

I meant to take more pictures but, you see, the food. And the wine. Oh god the wine. I had an omelet made from local eggs and locally grown mushrooms that still makes my knees quiver. I think I put on 10 pounds in one week. But it was wonderful.


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